SMOVE stabilises and charges your smartphone at the same time

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Press release by SMOVE:

smove3Nothing beats a smartphone for taking pictures and video on the go. But let’s be honest, it’s almost impossible to capture every moment with jitter free, professional quality … until now! Introducing SMOVE.

SMOVE is the only smartphone stabilizer system that doubles as a charger for ANY smartphone. Packed with pro features, SMOVE makes getting every shot from every angle a cinch. With its exclusive Auto Face Follow™ technology, that recognizes faces and automatically follows along, to its fully automated 180-360 degree panorama capabilities – SMOVE is pure genius. Plus SMOVE’S compact design fits right in your pocket and yes, it’s priced with your budget in mind.

See the SMOVE stabilizer in action on Indiegogo. It’s already over 100% funded! See at

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